About Us

Legal actions can be intimidating for both the plaintiff and the defendant, and even nonparties who are were brought into an action for whatever reason. All Points Legal, PLLC was formed to meet that need.

A boutique law firm, All Points Legal (“APL”) provides representation to clients facing or contemplating legal action, and who need clear and detailed legal counsel to resolve their legal disputes. With APL’s direct approach the client is guided through the process so that they have a clear understanding of the case and the steps to resolution. The client is always aware of the status of his case so that is fully informed and involved in the legal process. 


Our three-step APL approach to the resolution of your case involves:

  1. A – The Assessment of the case and the various factors and variables involved
  2. P – The Planning of a clear strategy and steps and taking the appropriate legal action.
  3. L – Taking the appropriate Legal action.

Do you need professional legal assistance?